Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

The phrase Peanut in Gujarat is searched a lot on google

In fact, peanut is one of the beneficial nuts that is widely used

Peanut in Gujarat

Peanut is one of nuts which is produced in different sizes

This popular and tasty product is classified both as a cereal legume and an oil product due to its high oil content

The annual world production of shelled peanuts in 2020 was 44 million tons, with China at top with 38% of the world total

Unusually among legume crops, peanut pods grow underground instead of above ground

With this feature in mind, the botanist Carl Linnaeus gave peanuts the special nickname hypogaea which means Underground

This tasty nut belongs to the botanical family Fabaceae, commonly known as the legume, bean or pea family

 Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

Peanut Features in Gujarat

Peanut is one of the most popular and nutritious dried fruits, which at the same time has a reasonable price

This delicious nut is very popular among people, as it is one of the best-selling types of nuts around the world


Cereal Legume and Oil Product 

Butter and Oil

Native to
Central America


In addition to being used as nuts, peanuts are also used in various other forms, including butter, oil and other types

It has Vitamins C, B9, B6 and A

It is said that the origin of the peanuts is Central America and then this special nut was transported to other parts of the world by Spanish explorers

Today, peanuts are one of the most widely planted crops in countries such as China, India, African countries and America

 Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

Buy Peanut in Gujarat

Peanuts are very popular among people due to the fact that they are more affordable than other dried fruits and nuts

For this reason, many people buy these delicious nuts and include them in their food basket

However, before buying peanuts you need to consider some important points

For example, the first thing you need to take into account is the quality as well as the packaging of this product

The second thing before buying peanut is to check the size of it and also whether it is raw or roasted

Because they may have different quality

Those interested in consuming fresh peanuts can buy this tasty and nutritious product in different packages with different weights

 Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

Peanut Price in Gujarat + Buy and Sell

Peanut price is very reasonable among all middle class and because of that this tasty nut is very popular

Peanuts have different prices according to their different qualities

This product, which is mostly produced in China, is exported to most countries in the world

The price range of peanuts according to its quality and size is from 2 dollars to 5 dollars per kilo

As a large company in the field of peanut production and supply, we have the ability to supply and export this product to most countries in the world

So if you want to enter the business of this very profitable product, you can contact us

 Peanut Gujarat (Fabaceae) different sizes Vitamins C B9 B6 A

The Answer to Two Questions About Peanut

1: When would you recommend snacking on peanuts?
The morning or the middle of the day is ideal for snacking on peanuts

2: Can people with diabetes eat peanuts safely?
Consumption of peanuts may reduce the probability of developing diabetes

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