The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

There are several kinds of peanuts in different parts of the world and each one has its own unique properties but why Jungle peanut is the healthiest?
Jungle peanut has existed for many years in Ecuadorian Amazon

There is one tribe that has put its effort to grow this nut over the years which is called Shuar

Thanks to this tribe, now we have the chance to taste this nut

Commercial peanuts used in today’s market originate from Jungle peanuts and are different in appearance

Jungle peanuts have a unique look to them compared to other types of peanuts

This aromatic legume has brown stripes on them which make them look like coffee beans a little

They are grown in the rainforest in Amazon

These two are the main reasons why this nut is the healthiest compared to its other counterparts

Firstly, Wild Jungle peanuts do not have any aflatoxin (a fungal that causes peanut allergies and cancer) because they are grown in a natural environment rather than a single-crop farm

This fungal exists in other kinds of peanuts and it cannot be killed even by heat

Secondly, Jungle peanuts are grown in a soil that is full of nutrients which makes them a perfect seedbed

This nut contains 30 percent protein, Vitamin E, C and B, all 9 kinds of amino acid, phosphorus and magnesium

 The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

Jungle Peanut Butter

The Incas and Ecuadorian Amazon Indians utilized the initial peanuts to produce peanut butter hundreds of years ago

When this manufactured product got popular in America, everybody loved it since it had an exceptional taste, it was highly nutritious and it was sold at a very low cost

Having aflatoxin, peanut butter caused allergies and it still does

The allergic reactions include rashes, itching, swelling and sometimes it can lead to death

But Jungle peanut butter doesn’t contain this toxin, therefore when you consume it, you do not have to worry about allergic reactions or any harm to your body

You can eat it as a super healthy food for breakfast

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places that grow Jungle peanuts and they are rare

Some people grow them in their own homes and gardens to take care of their health and their family’s

Regular peanuts are mostly used in the market for domestic use since they are widely grown in almost 108 countries

 The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

Wild Peanut lant

These peanuts are sowed in America less than other types of peanuts

Valencia peanut is grown in New Mexico and is known as the sweetest peanut and has the least aflatoxin (a toxin produced by a fungal found on different crops)

Having a sweet taste and the least amount of aflatoxin, Valencia peanut is mostly used in peanut butter

Each shell has 3 or more kernels

A wild peanut is grown in Argentina in hot weather and according to historical records, this plant has existed for more than 7000 years

 In southern parts of America continent wild peanut existed in their paintings and any other kind of art

 The story behind how this plant spread all over the world is very interesting

 Europeans pioneered in many discoveries from discovering plants to discovering planets

 One of these discoveries is peanut

 When they found peanut in South America, they took it to Europe and introduced it to people there

 The traders that came to Europe, grew to like this nut so they took it to other lands to sell them

 The reason why there are so many other kinds of peanuts out there is that they grew in different lands and day by day their genes changed and a new type of peanut came to life

 All these changes caused peanuts to be larger than their original ancestors

 Wild peanut plants are still popular and many people would like to grow them in their own gardens

 The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

Where to Buy Peanuts

Majority of people in most countries are fans of peanuts and peanut butter

 But where do they buy them?
If the customer is looking for a bag of peanut, they can buy them from a supermarket but if they want to purchase in large quantity, they need to look for them elsewhere

 Traders buy peanuts for export, import, distribution, and selling in retail or in wholesale

 There are two ways to purchase peanuts which are the traditional method and the modern method

 In traditional method, the trader looks for local farmers to buy peanuts straight from them

 The trader has a warehouse and is able to store the product until they are sold

 They already have found customers in the market

 Therefore, they have no problem selling them before the peanuts got corrupt

 The other traditional method is to buy peanuts from distributers and suppliers in cities which are known for peanuts production The traders place their order, negotiate about the delivery terms and payment terms

 If they reach an agreement, the product is sent at the designated place

 The Purchase Price of Jungle Peanut + Sales in Trade and Production

The modern method is to find peanut sellers through Internet

There are online trading websites belonging to a certain country

The trader ought to find these most-followed websites to be able to contact local sellers

They can either talk on the website or be referred to another platform such as Whatsapp or email to be able to negotiate much more easily

There are also other trading websites that connect international buyers and sellers such as Alibaba

On this platform both parties share information about their background and products

Both parties will connect to each other and continue their negotiation

There are also exclusive companies that have their own websites

They have a company profile and also a catalog on the website

The potential customers visit their website and make an inquiry and afterwards the consultants get back to them and guide them

If they are a professional company, they should get back to the customer within 24 hours

These are the methods traders can use in order to start their peanut business

Our company has an exclusive website as well to be able to connect with our potential customers from around the world

We provide a powerful customer service to guide traders better

We will contact our customers within 24 hours and if they require any further any information, we are available 24/7

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